Munster Motor Museum & Classic Cars


Munster Motor Museum illustrates all kinds of engines from steam through to 4 and 2 stroke internal combustion and rotary engines. There are all kinds of motoring and motor sport memorabilia as well as many interesting pictures. A small nautical section shows off naval and merchant ship models together with illustrated stories of local shipwrecks. There is a large library filled with motor books and magazines dating back to the previous century.

The workshop area shows off project cars under repair and reconstruction where the art of repairing an old car can be learned.

There is a collection of stationary engines going back to the 1930’s as well as an early electric motor. Well displayed in show cases are a wide variety of models of cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes and ships.

 Our Mission Statement is to excite, enthuse and educate anyone interested in a better understanding of all things motoring!

Open Times & Fees

In Season: Monday to Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Adult: R50
Pensioner & Teens: R30
Children: R20

Out of Season: Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Adult: R30
Pensioner & Teens: R20
Children: R10